Method Auto Detailing is proud to include the pinnacle of car "wax" protection.  Protect your investment with a ceramic coating to prevent road contaminants from clinging to your vehicles surface. Unlike the traditional wax or sealant which are rated for weeks or months at a time, ceramic coatings are measured in years. 

Ceramics supplied by Feynlab

Preparation is key in applying a ceramic coating. If a vehicles surface is not polished or prepared correctly, the coating will prematurely fail and won't last. This is why the vehicle must be polished to allow the coating to bond and protect the paint. This process eliminates those unsightly scratches and swirls while increasing the gloss level of the paint greatly. 

Pricing for this service starts at $399 which includes:

- Hand wash

- full decontamination

- Clay bar treatment

- Single stage enhancement

- 1 to 4 year ceramic coating

Options are listed below. Pricing is subject to paint condition, size of vehicle, and ceramic choice.

Single stage paint enhancement

This service will reduce most swirling and light scratches to improve the gloss of paint surfaces and piano black trim.

Two stage paint correction

This service is a multi-day projection which greatly diminishes or completely removes all surface scratches and swirls. The clear coat is leveled using a heavy compound followed by a refining stage of polishing to dial in extreme gloss.


Feynlab offers a few different options as far as coatings go. The ones available to use are Ceramic Lite (at least one year of protection) and Ceramic (at least 3 years of protection.)

There is also an available topper coating which can be applied over either of the coatings above which offers a sacrificial layer of Hydrophobicity (at least one additional year of protection.)

In total, your vehicle can be protected for up to 4 years or more.

This just scratches the surface of the ceramic world and please don't hesitate to ask any questions or concerns you may have.

Below is an example of an F10 BMW 535xi which received a single stage polish and protected with Feynlab Ceramic (3 year rating.)